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At K9 Rustic Ranch we don’t just leave your pet in a kennel all day. While staying with us, your pet will enjoy numerous playtimes through out the day, as well as group playtime if they enjoy additional company. Rather than keeping them “locked up”, we want your pet to enjoy their stay and be a more relaxed dog when they return to you! In addition, your pet will receive a complimentary bath on exit.

My Story

Ihave lived in San Diego most of my life and have always had a way with animals, especially dogs. The first dog I called my own was my beautiful rottweiler named Bonnie. We were always together, until, like most dogs do, they end up with their parents while you head off to college. Graduating high school 2 years early, I started a career in Computer Drafting and was quickly hired by a large company in San Diego. After working behind a desk for 2 years, I found that I really wasn’t the office type of person. While searching for jobs in the paper, I came across a dog training company that was looking for some help. I started working for this company in the year 2000. I started off as basic kennel help, cleaning kennels, bathing dogs, etc. After a year I started to do the driving for the company which meant picking up and dropping off dogs. I advanced very quickly in the company and soon started taking sales calls, booking appointments, doing in home evaluations for people interested in getting their dogs trained, and handling many dogs with serious behavior problems.

It was during this time I was introduced to Tom Riche. He was a very well known dog trainer all over the country, known for his work with the WABA (Working American Bulldog Association) and his phenomenal decoy work in schutzhund. He had a way with dogs and people that was amazing to say the least. Tom started helping out with training for the company I worked for and I immediately was overcome with admiration and love. He taught me so much more about dogs. He showed me how to be fair to them, make them listen without saying a word and taught me that a dogs behavior is a reflection of yourself: this meaning your dog will reflect your energy be it good or bad.

Tom Richie, 1963 - 2009

Tom Richie, 1963 – 2009

Tom and I married and had two wonderful children, our son Kyler and daughter Taylor. He became the head dog trainer at the company and I managed it. In 2008 the company decided to move to a new location and I was then given the opportunity to start my own dog boarding business in the existing location, which is now K9 Rustic Ranch. Tom helped get the training going at the new location while I slowly started to build the Ranch. In June of 2010, Tom had planned on leaving the company to build our dream of running the business together.

On December 10, 2009, Tom passed suddenly while doing what he loved, training dogs. He never got to see what an amazing place the Ranch has become for dogs and their owners, but he is the foundation and spirit of the Ranch and we strive everyday to make him proud. I love what I do and love that we have made such a relaxed, fun, safe place to have your dog while you are away.

Please call or email to take a tour and meet us!

– Kristi Richie


$10 Pickup & Delivery Mon – Fri 9am to 12pm
Free bath, blow dry and brush with minimum 2 nights stay
Full service grooming also available for extra fee

Dog Boarding

We are what we like to call an all inclusive dog boarding kennel. We offer free pick up and delivery to all of San Diego County and into Temecula area. Along with this, your dog will also receive a complimentary bath, blow dry and brush on exit. We use only high quality grooming products to ensure your dog comes home looking as good as they feel after their stay!

Dog Grooming

Dog grooming includes hair clipping, hair styling, teeth cleaning, shampooing, nail clipping and powdering. Pet Grooming not only makes your dog look good, but also keeps it healthy. Grooming also reduces the chances of allergies for both you and your dog.  We use dog grooming products from nowthereshope.com.

Doggie Day Care

Dog Food

K9 Rustic Ranch proudly distributes the highest quality dog food not available at your local pet store. We have been distributing Abady Dog Food products since 2010 and have fed their products since 1985.

A dogs Diet is an essential part of a happy, well balanced companion. Most foods found at pet stores are highly processed and include ingredients that are detrimental to your dogs life.
Abady dog foods were started over 30 years ago and are a superior alternative to any product on the market. Please contact Kristi for more information about the foods we offer or you may visit www.abadyfeeds.com

Dog Boarding

The Ranch is located on 3 beautiful acres in Valley Center. We are a family owned and operated business and are licensed, insured and regularly inspected by animal control. At the ranch, your dog is not on your typical 9am to 5pm schedule like other businesses. The dogs are let out in the morning by 6am and do not get closed in for the night until 9pm. You can also rest assured that your dog will not be left alone at night, with our house located just steps from the kennel.

Tom-1aThroughout the day, your dog will be let out onto a grass field which is completely fenced and on over an acre. The dogs are always supervised and get a lot of human contact while they are here. We offer group or individual playtime, depending on your dog. Because exercise is a key component to a happy dog, there is no charge for any of the play times your dog will receive while at the ranch.

When the dogs are not running and playing on the field, they are resting in our spacious individual 32 dog run kennel. The inside of the kennel is climate controlled, making it comfortable for your dog all year round. The outside of the kennel is completely covered to ensure your dogs safety. With the design of our kennel, we are able to accommodate any and all types of dogs, including dogs with aggression, separation anxiety, and fence jumping problems.

We are what we like to call an all inclusive dog boarding kennel. We offer pick up and delivery to all of San Diego County and into Temecula area for only $10. Along with this, your dog will also receive a complimentary bath, blow dry and brush on exit. We use only high quality grooming products to ensure your dog comes home looking as good as they feel after their stay!

JULY2008 018Our goal at the ranch is that your dog will get plenty of exercise, attention and care so they will return relaxed and happy and you can rest assure they are in good hands! K9 Rustic Ranch does not like to disrupt the routine of our dogs, therefore we ask that you call to schedule an appointment to tour our facility. Your dog may accompany you on your visit, but please provide a copy of their vaccine records when coming.


$10 Pickup & Delivery

Mon – Fri 9am to 12pm

$10 fee per way of travel.

The time of pick up or drop off is set by our driver and you will be notified one day prior to your dogs arrival or departure from the Ranch. If the time set does not work for you, we can always get your dog from your house or yard.

We offer a complimentary bath, blow dry and brush with a minimum 2 night stay at the Ranch. If your dog is staying for only 1 night you may ask for the same service for a $20 fee.

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